About Mary

Mary Gerwin started her career as a singer songwriter while still a student at Vanderbilt University in Nashville. The deep pool of talent in the Nashville music community was a great inspiration to     Mary Gerwin-Photo 2015her then and remains the standard of excellence for her music today. During the next 20 years, troche Mary honed her craft in front of audiences in the various places she lived (Florida, see Michigan, drugs Illinois, Washington, and now Denver) and wrote a library of songs to reflect the observations and emotions from her own life as well as the lives of those around her. The most personal of these songs are captured in her debut CD “The Shores of Les Cheneaux”, whose title song celebrates her family and the special cottage they share in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Other themes in the CD include love found, lost, recovered, and, occasionally “spoofed”, as in the wry comedy of “Trophy Wife”. With thoughtful lyrics, memorable melodies, strong arrangements, and powerful performances, Mary Gerwin’s contribution to music makes a mark worthy of her Nashville roots.

Mary’s newest CD, “Buy My Own Roses”, celebrates the independent spirit of today’s modern woman in the title track, as well as the deep bond of a loving partnership in “The Hand I Give”. “Whole Heart” is a moving tribute to military families, who contribute and sacrifice so much for our country. Finally, Mary’s  humor is evident, once again, in playful songs such as “Hot Rod Ring” and “Love Agrees With Me”. 

It’s important to note that 100% of the funds received from the sale of this CD go to a duo of worthy causes:

The Women’s Bean Project (helping women build self-sufficiency) 

Semper Fi (assistance and lifetime support for injured service members, veterans & their families). 



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